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Surat sees spurt in LPG cylinder thefts

The soaring prices of LPG cylinders is spurring theft in Diamond City

Surat sees spurt in LPG cylinder thefts

The soaring prices of LPG cylinders is spurring theft in Diamond City.

A property broker and cooking gas stove repairs person were arrested for a series of such thefts and recovered 15 cooking gas cylinders from them.

The duo told police that they were looking to make quick money by stealing the cylinders that are available at a high cost if bought following proper procedure.

Police arrested Sanjay Maniya (40), a resident of Mota Varachha and Sanjay Patel (35), a resident of Amroli, for the thefts.

Maniya is native of Jaliya village in Bhavnagar district while Patel is native of Mota Agariya village in Amreli.

Maniya told police that he needed money to pay school fees of his children but police suspect that he spent money on personal pleasures.

They confessed to stealing the cylinders in Sarthana and Amroli areas.

Officials said several complaints of cooking gas cylinders being stolen were lodged with Sarthana police.

The LPG bottles were stolen from houses, marriage venues and commercial premises, said police. Police cracked the case through analysis of CCTV footage.

Maniya is a property broker while Patel runs a cooking gas stove sales and repair service in Amroli.

Maniya used to sell the stolen cylinders to Patel for Rs 1,700. "To get a cylinder, one has to pay a deposit of Rs 3,000 and carry out the procedure for registration. The refilling charges are nearly Rs 900. Since they sold the cylinder at a lesser price, they got buyers immediately and could earn good money," said a police officer in Sarthana police station.

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