Successful surgery of a patient with severe complications in Vadodara

It does not prevent blindness but does prevent facial ugliness

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Successful surgery of a patient with severe complications in Vadodara

A Successful surgery is performer to remove the affected part by maintaining eye and good muscles of Mucormycosis patient in Vadodara Gotri hospital. It does not prevent blindness but does prevent facial ugliness.

Dr. Hiren Soni surgeon of the ear, nose and throat department of the hospital says that for the first time in Vadodara and probably in Gujarat, retro orbit clearance with eye ball preservation surgery was performed on such patients.

Mucormycosis is a painful disease in which the organs that give beauty to the face like jaw, palate, eyes affected by black or other types of fungus have to be removed to save the life of the patient. That is why the patient suffers from facial ugliness even after recovery and this pain has to be endured for life.

In these circumstances the surgeon of ear, nose and throat department of the GMERS hospital, Gotri, Dr. Hiren Soni has performed guiding surgery in Vadodara and possibly in Gujarat to remove the ugliness of the eye and face of patient affected by Mucormycosis.

With the help of the endoscopic system and the state-of-the-art Micro D Breeder machine, which the hospital has donated to in a very timely manner, has performed nine prevalent surgeries called Orbital Clearance with Eye Ball Preservation. Simply put, this is a surgery that preserves the beauty of the face, mostly by keeping the eyeballs and good muscles of the conjunctiva affected by the fungus intact.

Dr. Hiren Soni says happily, "Looking at the faces of those who underwent this surgery a few days ago, they are in delima about the surgery on their left or right eye. The brightness of the eye is lost due to the effect of the fungus which cannot be restored but it is also a matter of great satisfaction to remove the ugliness of the face with this surgery.

This surgery involves the use of endoscopy and a microscopic debridement to preserve the eyeballs, remove the fungus-damaged parts of the back of the eye, and preserve the good muscles. Not an eye surgeon but an ENT surgeon cleans the damaged part of the eye through the nose with the help of these devices.

He said that according to the effect of the fungus, the internal cleansing of the eye, the part of the palate, the part of the jaw that has been damaged, is removed by surgery. The surgery is performed with such precision that no incisions, cuts or stitches appear on the outer face.

The state-of-the-art Micro Debrider was recently donated to a charity by Vago, a company based in Por, which has been a blessing in disguise for a variety of surgeries.

So far two female and one male patient have benefited from this initiative surgery. Although they cannot regain the vision of the eye, but this surgery will help to keep the beauty and self-confidence intact by saving the patient's face from being distorted.

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