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Student with family sit on fast outside Vadodara DEO office

Put allegations on school for not being taught as promised

Student with family sit on fast outside Vadodara DEO office

A student along with his family sit on fast outside the District Education Office in Vadodara against the photon school for not giving him the leaving certificate. The family alleges that Gujarati medium teachers taught in the school instead of English medium and despite of making representations to the DEO several times against the school, no action was taken in the matter and hence they forced to fast.

As per available details, S.D. Vaghela lives with the family in Tarsali and his son Mehul is studying in 11th standard English medium of Photon school opposite the gate of Makarpura ONGC. He took admission to the Shaishav School at Gotri and their third branch was started as Gotri under the name Photon School. After two and a half months, this branch was closed and started at the present place.

S.D. Vaghela expressed outrage against the photon school said, when the son was admitted to the school, the administrators said that the school has highly educated teachers. But, when his son Mehul started studying in school, he was taught by Gujarati medium teachers instead of English medium. Also the school administrators failed to provide educational facilities which they promised at the time of admission to the school. As his son raised his voice he is being harrassed by school administrators and started being harassed by the school administrators has been expelled from school. They will continue to fast till get justice.

Student Mehul said that when he took admission, he was informed about being taught by highly educated teachers in the school. But such teachers were not brought and he made a presentation to the school on this matter. But, instead of considering his submission by the school administrators, he have been expelled from the school and been at home for the last year and a half. His future has been ruined by school.

Regarding this, District Education Officer Navneet Mehta said it's the fight between the school and parents. The guardian wants his son to be taught by the teachers shown to them during the admission, But, for some reason, the teacher has resigned. The job of the school is to educate the students and according to the parents, if there are no teachers in the school, they will investigate and take action if there is any truth. They have approached the office earlier in this matter. It is not right for the family to sit on fast for their own question.

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