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Stray dog menance in a society in Nizampura area of Vadodara

Attacked as many as 8 people, including 5 children

Stray dog menance in a society in Nizampura area of Vadodara

Stray dogs and stray cows in Vadodara city are proving to be dangerous for the citizens. Citizens of Bethel Society in Nizampura area is facing the same problem and dare to come out of the house. The reason are stray dogs roaming freely in the area and bitten small kids which spread a fear in everyone.

The harassment of dogs has increased to such an extent that now these dogs are targeting small children. The Bethel Park Society in the Nizampura area has more than a hundred houses. Young children cannot even go out of the house for fear of dogs as they attacked and cause injuries to them.

As many as 20 dogs have made it difficult for residents including small children to get out of the house. A six year old girl playing outside was attacked by the stray dog and as a result she suffered serious injuries. As many as 8 people, including 5 children, have been attacked by dogs in the past.

It is important to note that in many societies in the Nizampura area, the harassment of stray dogs has persisted for a long time. People are now forced to live in an atmosphere of fear. After various representations to the corporation the problem is still not resolved and they demand early solution.

"Dog harassment has been on the rise in and around our Bethel Park Society for some time now," said local Mitesh Parmar. On Monday my daughter was standing at the door of the house. Then a herd of dogs came rushing and attacked. Although they have made representations to local councilors as well as to the relevant department of the corporation to get rid of the dogs, no action has been taken. The system is waiting for a big tragedy to happen.

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