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Heat expands Gujarat's power demand past 18,300MW

According to data from the State Load Despatch Centre

Heat expands Gujarats power demand past 18,300MW

6Heatwave conditions across the state have led to a sharp increase in power demand this month.

According to data from the State Load Despatch Centre, Gujarat's power demand reached 18,346MW on May 12 compared to 15,729MW on April 30.

Maximum temperatures across the state have on average remained above 42°C for almost a week, causing power demand to increase by about 2,700MW on a daily basis.

In terms of electricity consumed, the state's power demand increased from 377.5 million units (MU) on April 30, to 440.3 MU on May 12, an increase of almost 63 MU. Wind power generation increased from 726MW on April 30 to 2,204MW on May 12.

Wind power generation in May has remained higher than in April. The state's solar power generation also increased to 1,347MW on May 12 compared to 1,065MW on April 30.

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