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Social Forestry Department has raised millions of seedlings in 131 breeding centers in Vadodara and Chhotaudepur districts

51.46 lakh saplings available for distribution in the centers

Social Forestry Department has raised millions of seedlings in 131 breeding centers in Vadodara and Chhotaudepur districts

Social Forestry Department has raised millions of seedlings in 131 breeding centers in Vadodara and Chhotaudepur districts

VThe balance of the environment can be maintained by planting more trees in the prevailing climatic conditions, and that is a daunting task. This work of planting more trees and bringing public awareness for that work is necessary. It is necessary to bring the ideology of public participation through this public awareness and to carry out people oriented programs from village to village and to promote maximum tree planting activities.

According to the National Forest Policy, 33% of the total geographical area should be covered with trees. The total geographical area of ​​Vadodara and Chhotaudepur districts comprising Social Forestry Department, Vadodara is 7764 sq km. Therefore, there is an option to cover the revenue area other than the forest area to cover 33% of the area.

To reach the ideal condition that there should be forest in 33% of the total land area, the forest department has encouraged progressive farmers, government and non government organizations, religious and tree loving organizations, gram panchayats, co-operative societies, industrial units, educational institutions to plant more trees. In addition, intensive work is being done by the Forest Department on raising seedlings and how to maintain them.

It is to be mentioned that in order to increase the importance of trees among the people in the field of intimate afforestation and environmental protection in areas other than forest areas, saplings rearing centers have been set up at 131 places in the district under the Forest Festival program by the Social Forestry Department, Vadodara. In order to promote tree planting in the hinterland villages under the department, efforts have been initiated to make saplings of various useful varieties easily available to the residents.

On the occasion of 72nd Forest Festival, Department of Social Forestry, Vadodara has raised 9.09 lakh seedlings in departmental seedling rearing centers in Vadodara district and 15.67 lakh seedlings in Chhotaudepur district. Not only decentralized nursery, special organ farmer's nursery as well as SHG-SC group nurseries, MGNREGA scheme and cultivation of Tulsi saplings, 15.65 lakh saplings were raised in Vadodara district and 11.05 lakh saplings in Chhotaudepur district. Thus, a total of 26.70 lakh saplings are available in the plantation centers for the celebration.

The information booklet published by the Forest Department is interesting. This booklet provides information on the number and variety of seedlings grown in each rearing center as well as the prevailing rate of distribution, address of taluka level perimeter forest office, place wise information of rearing centers. Attempts are made to distribute these booklets to the citizens as well as to various organizations.

Seedlings are distributed free of cost during the 72nd Forest Festival. Seedlings of various types and locally available tree species including Ayurvedic, flowers and vines have been grown in polythene bags.

Any person-organization will be given as many seedlings as they need for their own use free of cost. Proper guidance will be given to those who grow more than 100 seedlings. For its maintenance after planting, it will be included under the appropriate planting model of social forestry to ensure effective tree cultivation.

In addition, different types of seedlings will be distributed economically. Special varieties or types of seedlings including bamboo rhizomes, teak stamps, tissue culture teak seedlings, clonal eucalyptus, Malabar neem, sandalwood seedlings, grafted seedlings will also be distributed at normal payment.

Kartik Maharaja, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Social Forestry Department, has requested for obtaining various seedlings and planting, preserving and cultivating them.

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