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Seven year old died in Vadodara after hit by speeding jeep

Seven year old died in Vadodara after hit by speeding jeep

A 7-year-old child was killed when the driver of a speeding jeep hit a two wheeler on Mangleshwar Mahadev-Smashan Road in Manjalpur area of Vadodara on Saturday night. The jeep climbed the divider after the accident, as CCTV footage of which has also surfaced. The accused left the jeep and fled.

Kavish Rajesh Patel, who was staying at his aunt's house in Subodhanagar, Manjalpur, was on his way home on a two wheeler with his elder siblings after completing his tuition at 8 pm when the speeding jeep hit them.

The driver of the speeding jeep hit the two wheeler while passing on Manjalpur crematorium road. Kavish, who was sitting in the back fell on the road and sustained serious head injuries. People gathered around the accident and sent the child to Sayaji Hospital for treatment where the doctors pronounced him dead.

Pedestrians present at the time of the incident said the driver of the jeep was driving under the influence of alcohol. When the accident happened, he also drove the jeep on a divider and later it climbed over a divider near Alwanaka, as CCTV footage of it also surfaced which clearly shows the driver driving the vehicle at speed.

Manjalpur police have registered the case and started searching for the driver who caused the accident.

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