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Savli police nabbed nine for cheating a retired teacher in the name of black turmeric

Savli police nabbed nine for cheating a retired teacher in the name of black turmeric

Savli police nabbed nine for cheating a retired teacher in the name of black turmeric

Savli police, has nabbed nine members of a gang who went on to extort Rs 5.75 lakh from a retired teacher in the name of giving supernatural black turmeric. They earned the faith of the teacher saying that it is used to launch satellites as it has radioactive powers.

According to the complaint registered at Savli police station, Sureshbhai Phulabhai Parmar lives with his family in Asodar village of Anklav taluka of Anand district after retired from Mandvapura primary school in Anklav taluka. Three months ago while sitting near a cold drink shop near Rasulpur canal, three people were talking about some antique pieces like nude-looking glasses, black turmeric, peacock feathers (which have radioactive power), a Reich puller (RP), cathode and libo coin.

They befriend and tell him about black turmeric having radioactive powers and alpha, beta, gamma rays are emitted from it. It is discovered by scientists and used in satellite launching. One of them Pravin solanki said, Salim Habibbhai Syed, a resident of Pandarwala village in Mahisagar district, has a kilo of black turmeric, which is to be sold for Rs 2.50 crore and its market value is around Rs 10 crore.

The retired teacher gave his mobile number to the thug trio after hearing about antique pieces. Meanwhile, in June, one of the accused Praveen Solanki called and said that a party in Udaipur, Rajasthan, had a black turmeric, but he will have to give Rs 5 lakh token. The victim took Rs 5.70 lakh and went with the thug trio, where they took money from him pretending to purchase the material. After not returning for three hours he called Praveen Solanki and he said the weather is not good and it might stale the turmeric and hence he gave the token amount and the person will bring it when come to Vadodara.

After giving Rs 5.70 lakh to the gang, retired teacher Sureshbhai Parmar felt that he was trapped. Meanwhile Pravin Solanki called him and said that on 3-9-021, the party of Udaipur is coming and asked him to come with 2 crores to confirm the material after testing.

Grew suspicious the teacher approach Savli police and after a trap the team caught nine members of the gang from near Gandiapura village. The arrested are Sanjay Pandit, Sunil Prajapati, Girish Prajapati, Salim Saiyed, Kala Parmar, Pravin Solanki, Vitthal Patel, Soyeb Bidani, Israr Pathan and seized items including vehicles and cash from them.

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