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Sabarkantha: A 62-year-old lady apprehended for murder of her grandson

According to the authorities, the accused did not enjoy caring for her grandkids while their parents were gone

Sabarkantha: A 62-year-old lady apprehended for murder of her grandson

A 62-year-old woman was detained on Wednesday in Khedbrahma, Gujarat's Sabarkantha district, for reportedly using a blunt object to bludgeon her one-and-a-half-year-old grandson to death.

Chandrikaben Thakor, the accused, and Shailesh Thakor, the victim, have both been identified.

According to the authorities, the event took place on January 23rd while the accused was at her home with her two grandsons, Rutvik (4) and Shailesh (5), while their parents were gone.

Mukesh Thakor (30), Rutvik and Shailesh's father, filed a police report on Wednesday, claiming: "I was away at Udaipur in Rajasthan working as a daily-wage labourer and my wife Vina Thakor had gone to her parents' home in Vagheshwari village for the past three months. My mother Chandrikaben was entrusted with taking care of her grandsons. On January 24 morning, I was informed by my sister that my son Shailesh had died and Rutvick had suffered injuries. When I arrived home, I was told by my mother that she had last seen the children playing outside the house and around 8:30 pm (on January 23), they were found in an injured state. My mother then left for her second husband's home in a nearby village. It was then that my neighbours informed me that they had heard my kids crying because of physical punishment by my mother. When I asked my elder son Rutvick he told me that grandmother had hit him and killed Shailesh."

Sub-inspector PP Jani of Khedbrahma police station told: "The accused did not like taking care of her grandchildren in their parents' absence. She also picked fights with the neighbours and assaulted grandkids in the past as well. We have arrested and sent her to judicial custody."

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