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Renovated wall of Pavagadh temple collapsed

Casualties averted as wall collapsed into the valley

Renovated wall of Pavagadh temple collapsed

People were horrified when part of the renovated wall of the famous pilgrimage Pavagadh temple suddenly collapsed on Friday. However, casualties were averted as the wall collapsed into the valley.

As per avaliable details the wall was constructed to make the courtyard of the Pavagadh temple collapsed on Friday towards the valley area towards Chasia Lake. No one was injured as the wall is in less populated area. The incident is said to be happened as the wall has been made recently. However, questions have been raised against the construction work of the wall.

The Pavagadh temple was closed to devotees for a long time amid the Corona epidemic. However, it has been opened to the public as per government guidelines. While the renovation work is currently underway at the Pavagadh temple, the accident was averted when a wall collapsed in the valley side.

A part of the Mahakali Mata temple complex on Pavagadh Dungar collapsed 10 months ago, causing panic among the devotees. However, no casualties were reported in the incident and a major mishap was averted. As soon as the incident was reported, the temple administration and local authorities rushed to the spot and started removing the debris. Following the tragedy, safety has been increased of entry of devotees visiting the temple.

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