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Rekha Vasava free from covid after 57 days of treatment in Sayaji hospital Vadodara

Admitted in a very serious condition with the addition of covid in three types of co-morbidity

Rekha Vasava free from covid after 57 days of treatment in Sayaji hospital Vadodara

Rekha Vasava free from covid after 57 days of treatment in Sayaji hospital Vadodara

Doctors and medical team makes every effort possible to put their medical knowledge and experience to treat patients as well as give strength and hope to the families. There were many patients in corona and now in Mucormycosis who were treated for a very long time, many complications occurred during the treatment and the doctors and their team worked tirelessly to cure such patients and save their lives.

One such patient is only 25-year-old Rekha Vasava who is in critical condition and with three types of co-morbidity disease. On May 7, she was was admitted to the corona department of the Sayaji hospital. Her oxygen level was as low as 40 and 80 to 85 percent of infection had spread to the lungs shown in the x ray report.

To make matters worse, the youngster was suffered from hypothyroid, obesity, and diabetes. These co-morbidity conditions increase the corona complications and seemingly putting doctors to the test.

However, in the corona section of Sayaji, Dr. Minal Shastri and Dr. Jaya Pathak of corona ward, as well as ventilator treatment specialist anesthetist Dr. Mamta Patel and under the guidance of Dr. Devyani Desai, the patient was placed directly on the ventilator and treatment was started. These four women doctors have worked very hard and with concentration determine the treatment path that will save the life of this medically challenged patient.

Her marathon treatment, now running for 57 consecutive days, has brought colours as the patient is now corona free but is still under supervision and treatment in a non-covid ward. After the negative report she now can stay with family, talk and feel happy.

There were many ups and downs during her treatment. Initially as condition improved and she did not need a ventilator and put on NRBM. As the condition worsened again, she was again put on the ventilator. For a few days, the condition remained the same. But with treatment her situation improved. As a result, the situation improved. Spo2 under oxygen increased to over 90. Back to NRBM from the ventilator and then taking oxygen through a simple tube.

She is still undergoing treatment after about 57 days after tested negative and shifted to non covid ward and get simple oxygen as needed.

The confidence of the patient and the hard work of the doctors and health teams is close to victory. The government hospital has become a life-saving place and have been given expensive injections and necessary medications, including remedicivir and tosi.

Rekha's patience and self-confidence give hope to other depressed patients, inspire them to win the battle of life. So the hard work of doctors and health workers strengthens their faith in the services of government health institutions.

Expressing happiness Dr. O. B. Belim Administrative Nodal Officer, Corona Department said, even if we put a moderate estimate, the treatment cost of this patient in a private hospital is Rs 60 to 70 lakh while the treatment in Sayaji is almost free. It is the duty of the state to provide quality health care to the people. The team of Sayaji Hospital has done this duty properly and enhanced the pride of government health services.

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