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Rashi- Nakshatra Forest is being prepared by Vadodara Forest Department as part of unique effort

People will be motivated to plant, nurture and protect trees

Rashi- Nakshatra Forest is being prepared by Vadodara Forest Department as part of unique effort

A unique effort is being made by Vadodara Forest Department for planting, breeding and protection of trees. The department is preparing Rashi and Nakshatra Forest by planting trees according to the location of special zodiac signs and constellations.

Assistant Forest Conservator M.M. Rajyaguru says that according to the mythology, trees are being planted based on the location of the zodiac signs and constellations to motivate special people to plant and cultivate trees. This type of Rashi Forest and Nakshatra Forest is being prepared on the site of Swami Narayan Temple at Atladara in Vadodara city. It will be formally inaugurated during the district level forest festival.

Gives scriptural basis for tree planting on the basis of zodiac signs and constellations, Rajyaguru says that the entire sky is divided into 12 zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign consists of a total of 9 phases of all zodiac signs. The constellations are named after the imaginary points formed by the constellations or stars and which is mostly according to the shape of the animals. The scriptures also indicate the adorable trees of each zodiac sign. According to the birth sign of that person, planting, breeding and protection of the tree is considered auspicious.

In the universe, we refer to stars as self-illuminated, fixed, point-like objects at infinite distances made up of air. Some star clusters are known as constellations. One or more such groups of stars located at a certain distance on the planetary path or the solar path are divided into 27 parts and named as constellations. Planets in space and the sun that is seen orbiting a certain path. It is known as the planetary path and the ecliptic, respectively.

One worship tree is destined to our zodiac and planet. According to him, if a person worships his adorable tree according to the constellation in which he was born, good results are obtained. Tree worship can be a means of worshiping God and this was because of the concept, he added.

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