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Population of wild animals has increased in two sanctuaries of Central Gujarat

Every year the Vadodara Wildlife Circle counts wild animals in three ranges of Ratan Mahal and Jambughoda Sanctuaries

Population of wild animals has increased in two sanctuaries of Central Gujarat

Population of wild animals like wild fox, wild boar, nilgai has increased in two sanctuaries of Central Gujarat 

In the three ranges of Jambughoda and Ratan Mahal Sanctuaries under Wildlife Circle, Vadodara, the number of wild animals like hyena, fox, wild cat, wild boar, rabbit, Nilgai has been found to have increased during the Corona period. The increase in the number of striped hyenas for the second year in a row is a very promising phenomenon as the dead animal-eating wildlife has been in the endangered range for a long time.

Baldev Singh Vaghela, Deputy Conservator of Forests, said that in the 2019 wildlife census, 77 hyenas were found in the area which increased to 87 in 2020 and in 2021 it increase to 123. This is a very promising sign.

This has benefited from a reduction in human activity in the 2020 lockdown and the current partial lockdown. In addition, measures taken to curb poaching activity have also had a positive effect. However, no significant fluctuations in the number of leopards and bears have been reported.

Wildlife counts are conducted every year in protected sanctuary areas by the wildlife departments as part of their duty and for better management of wildlife. Wildlife censuses are conducted in the entire forest area of ​​the state every three years by the Chief Wildlife Warden of the state.

Giving interesting information that if there is a fight between leopard and hyena then leapord ran away due to strong jaws and aggressive nature of the later. Baldevsinh Vaghela said that hyena is known by different names in different states and forest areas of the country.

Its behind legs are slippery and its movements look strange but this animal can run very fast. With his strong jaw he can whip up any thick and strong bone he likes. Hyena sometimes hunts by itself but it often eats dead carcasses of prey killed by other animals. As the villagers bury the dead bodies of animals like pets or dogs, cats in different parts of the village, it is seen in the vicinity of the village.

The 2021 wildlife census also shows an increase in the population of rabbits in the above areas. Hyena is a shy animal and very frightened by human interference. He is also tormented by the noise of vehicles plying through the jungle and the headlights. The positive benefit to innocent wildlife in reducing the impact of all these adverse factors from the epidemic and lock down is a phenomenon worth noting.

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