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Police families agitation over grade pay reached Vadodara

Families and children protest at various spots in view of their demands

Police families agitation over grade pay reached Vadodara

The police agitation over pay grade issue now reaches Vadodara as families of policemen now comes out with children to show their protest. After large number of police families gathered at Pratapnagar police headquarters, the agitation continues on Thursday as families protest at Akota police line and railway SP office at Kothi over pay grade and other demands. Women and children joined with posters to raise their demands.

On Wednesday night the families of policemen gathered in large numbers at police headquarters and took out a rally in view of their demands. Later after intervention by officials the protest came to an end. However on Thursday the families along with children raised their demands once again at Akota police line and at railway SP office at Kothi. They beat plates and raised their demands with posters in hands about increase in grade pay, working hours and others.

They also tried for traffic jam but the police intervene and took them away from the road. They also assured the protesting police families about forwarding their demands to the top authorities.

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