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Plastic surgery department of Sayaji Hospital Vadodara one of the oldest in the country

Free diagnosis and treatment done here in comparison with expensive treatment at private hospitals

Plastic surgery department of Sayaji Hospital Vadodara one of the oldest in the country

The anatomy of human body is a matter of God but on earth doctors known as plastic surgeons are working to restore the beauty of the body through plastic surgery to prevent organ deformities due to various reasons and also relieves depression is such patients.

As World Plastic Surgery Day is celebrated on Thursday (July 15), it is a matter of pride for Vadodara as the Plastic Surgery Department of Sayaji Hospital is one of the oldest departments in the country's major government hospitals. In other words, this department of Sayaji is one of the first departments in the country to facilitate plastic surgery under the government system.

It is also a matter of pride that Maharishi Sushruta of India present to the world this miraculous medical science of reshaping the tissues of the body.

The Plastic Surgery Department is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even during the Corona Crisis, Emergency Plastic Surgery has been planned and continued in this department of Sayaji Hospital. Dr. hailesh Soni head of the department says that while plastic surgery is only available to the most expensive and affluent classes in private hospitals, their department makes it accessible through free diagnosis and treatment. Even in Corona the department has continued these surgeries at risk and has provided the necessary services to patients in need of non-covid plastic surgery.

"Our department is primarily concerned with trauma, like the work of correcting limb injuries and deformities caused by fires, animal bites or various accidents, and re-establishing the human body as original as possible. For the last two to three years, our department has performed an average of 60 to 70 plastic surgeries a month, and in the last year, 730 small and large plastic surgeries have been performed in this department," added Soni.

He further said that they test an average of 70 to 80 patients daily in OPD. People from other states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan take advantage of the services of this department to a great extent. About 30 to 40 percent of the total patients come from outside. Thus, this department of Sayaji Hospital has built a unique credibility.

Dr. Soni said that the trained doctors in this department are now working as reputed plastic surgeons in major cities of the country. He said that the role of plastic surgery in prevention of deformities of various organs of the body and the restoration of organs. The knowledge of about this science is very low in the society and World Plastic Surgery Day is celebrated through activities that raise awareness in the society.

In this department of Sayaji Hospital, cosmetic i.e. hair transplant which gives a boost to physical beauty, lipo suction, breast surgery is done. The department in collaboration with cancer surgeons to repair deformed limbs, in collaboration with neurosurgeons, to repair congenital malformations, to repair chapped lips and palate, to work with gynecology department to establish undeveloped genitals of young girls, performing miraculous and blessed surgeries to repair such as nose bites from animal bites, to replace burnt skin with new skin from other parts of the body, and to improve dimples on the eyelids and cheeks. Plastic surgery is also helpful for patients who need frequent dialysis. Although leprosy has disappeared, 3 to 4 surgeries are performed every month at Sayaji Hospital to correct the deformity caused by it.

Nearly two decades ago, under the rejuvenation campaign of leprosy, Sayaji Hospital underwent extensive leprosy surgery for two or three consecutive years with the help of expert plastic surgeons from across the country.

Dr. Shailesh Soni has studied Plastic Surgery in Ahmedabad. He has contributed to the success of the state government's collaborative project Smile Train for the prevention of disorders in children born with chapped lips and palate.

Plastic surgery is a very useful medical science that improves the limbs and relieves the mental stress of the patients and builds in them the confidence to reunite with the society.

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