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Parul University's new "Mummy n' Yummy" food outlet, succeeds in Self empowering women

Parul University’s new “Mummy n' Yummy” food outlet, succeeds in Self empowering women

Parul Universitys new Mummy n Yummy food outlet, succeeds in Self empowering women

Upon taking note of the numerous vulnerabilities which underprivileged women have been facing in these challenging times, Vadodara city based Parul University has taken a proactive measure to address these challenges for women in its surrounding communities.

As part of its social responsive measures, the University recently inaugurated a new food outlet run by women. Mummy n' Yummy, a food service store established by the University's Social Responsive Cell, has been ensuring the livelihood of the women within the underprivileged communities by providing them with a source of financial income. Through such initiatives, the University continues to innovate business and social solutions which can help in boosting the welfare of women and ensuring their well-being.

Mummy n' Yummy, taking from its name, has brought to the PU campus the delightful taste of home cooked meals for the students and staff of the University. The store has become one amongst the many state of the art amenities in the campus, not only promoting the welfare of the students, but also ensuring the well-being of the women.

Parul University, through its recently established food court, has been curating some of the best national and international food outlets. With the efforts to bring to its campus a taste from every place, with Mummy n' Yummy, the University has finally found a way to brings to its campus a taste of the students' homes. In deciding the food menu, the women operators of Mummy n' Yummy went beyond the taste into providing highly nutritious meals, which create a healthy living in PU's campus of 28,000 students.

The operations and running of this food outlet will be in the hands of women, and the revenue from their daily business activities will be directed towards the livelihood of themselves and their families. "I believe through this new initiative, women across our societies will find relief as they will be able to support their families especially during these challenging times", said Dr. Parul Patel, Vice President of Parul University.

The initiative was welcomed by the women in the surrounding rural communities, who have a platform to practise their business and enhance their knowledge in the formal food and beverage sector. "We have so many ways of empowering women within our communities, but as Parul University we believe that the best way to empower women is by equipping them with the platform which allows them to empower themselves everyday. By establishing Mummy n' Yummy, we truly hope that this goal will be achieved and that we get to see more women getting empowered and coming up in the society", said Dr. Geetika M Patel, Parul University's Trustee and Head, Social Responsive Cell.

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