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Parul University Inaugurates its Electoral Literacy Club to Empower its Youth Demography

Parul University Inaugurates its Electoral Literacy Club to Empower its Youth Demography

Parul University Inaugurates its Electoral Literacy Club to Empower its Youth Demography

We need leaders leaders who are not only knowledgeable, but are people centric and care for the people and community. To express this importance amongst the youth, Parul University recently launched and inaugurated its first Electoral Club, a student community dedicated towards expressing the significance of democracy amongst the youth of India.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of dignitaries including, Tejalben Vyas, councilor at Vadodara Mahanagar Sevasadan and Manoj Mishra, Social Media Manager and Leader for Youth in Action, Gujarat. From its initiation, this electoral club has made a groundbreaking record of registering more than 3000+ students for its Electoral rights and helped people to change their address on their election card.

Further focusing on raising election awareness amongst the youth, the electoral literacy club hosted another esteemed delegation at Parul University's Vadodara campus. The delegation was composed of the Collector of Vadodara, R.B Barad, DOA Vadodara, Dr. Sudhir Joshi and Deputy District Election Officer R P Joshi. The presence of the delegation at the University provided the youthful future voters and future leaders of India the much needed motivation and awareness to carry forward the flame of democracy. During their visit at the campus the delegation shared with the students insights into their electoral rights and the need for them to be well aware and well regarding the election and voting mechanism.

From the last one month the club has seen to the organising of over 10 events and competitions and have structured these events in line with the need to support numerous government initiatives particularly those in line with elections and social upliftment actions. The recently held campaign brought forward new voter registrations and change in address in the voter card for over 3000 people in a single day.

To further this goal and objective, 4 different street plays were organised and 25+ posters banners presentations were put on display for awareness purposes. This talk featuring some of the districts' eminent personalities was organised as part of events and platforms which have impacted over 10 000 people and this recently held event was not lacking in impact.

Through this club, Parul University has become the only educational institution all over Gujarat to open such a club in support of the country's development and stand for democracy. Dr M.N Patel, the University's VC, emphasized the significance of election and the right to vote. "One vote in a democratic country impairs the security of all. It is of great importance that we make our students well aware of the need of this initiative and I am grateful for our dignitaries who took their time to support this electoral objective", he further added.

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