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Pandemic fails to seize the creativity of journalism students at NUV Vadodara

Pandemic fails to seize the creativity of journalism students at NUV Vadodara

While the academic activities came to a standstill in 2020 after the outbreak of COVID-19, the students of Journalism and Mass Communication of Navrachana University showcased their academic excellence and came up some of the best projects which were exhibited for two days at Navrachana University.

After learnt various subjects the students exhibited their project work before the senior officials from Navrachana University in the event 'Incipience' as well as the media professionals. In all there were more than six booths where the students displayed their project works. Projects included their academic assignments like short films, photographic narratives, newsletters, documentaries and others.

"After looking at the work exhibited by the students I could sense that they had given their best even when the city was locked down and struggling against Covid. Whether it is the documentaries, news bulletins or the newsletters and photographic documentation, the students have evidently given their best" said Tejal Amin, chairperson of Navrachana Education Society.

"Our intention was to let the faculty members and our fellow students know what kind of assignments we carried out during the lockdown. It was not easy for us to execute certain things while sitting at home but later we found a way out and executed the projects," said Yash Pandey a third year student and Coordinator of the event.

Sujasha Paul another student from second year and coordinator of the event said, "There were nine newsletters which we published during the lockdown and afterwards. For each newsletter there were dedicated team leaders who worked like professional media editors, photographers and desk heads. It was not at all easy for us to churn out stories and execute it. We had to use various mediums to get the information."

Vandana Talegaonkar, who is leading the program said, "Some of the presentations were mesmerising. The documentary 'Between the lines' was a classic presentation where in the students found out a newspaper hawker who is differently abled and a young girl who took up the challenge of continuing the newspaper vending business after her father's demise. The exhibition of academic work is something which has boasted the morale of the students."

Navrachana University Provost Nilay Yajnik informed that, "We strongly believe as an institution that every student plays the role of building up a strong nation. The students who have done this amazing work would surely turn out to be successful communicators."

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