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Notorious bootlegger blamed police for helping him in a viral video

Police said it's his Modus Operendi to blame police in a act of frustration


Vadodara karelibaug police seized bottles of liquor hidden by notorious Hussain Sindhi in the Vishwamitri river waste behind the city's Karelibaug Juvenile Remand Home and declared Hussain Sindhi as wanted. However in frustration and as part of his Modus Operendi Hussain blamed the police for support and viral it. Police have formed teams and launched a manhunt to trace the accused.

As per details, the police get the information that the notorious Hussain Kadarmiya Sunni, who lives near Kasamwala Kabrastan area had come to his house and hid bottles of liquor in Vishwamitri's rubbish. Based on that the team raided the place and found bottles of liquor. However he absconded and police declared him wanted and launched a search operation. However in a act of frustration Hussain made a viral video of himself sitting on a train seat holding liquor tin and alleged that the police is with him and claiming that one would find the liquor with him and also get the home delivery.

The viral video doing the rounds shocked everyone as he accused the police for supporting him. However police said this is his Modus Operendi to blame the police in a act of frustration. "After joined the duty at this police station I came to know about some illegal activities going on in the area and came to know that he had around 48 cases in his name and wanted in three. We raid his hideouts and seized liquor which makes him frustrated. This is his Modus Operendi to blame the police in act of frustration so that the teams stay away from the area. We formed different teams to trace him and hopeful to arrest him soon. Strict action will be taken against him, " Said V. N. Mahida PI Karelibaug police station.

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