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Nisha IVF, Ahmedabad offers result-oriented treatment to patients with a history of recurring miscarriages

It becomes a matter of concern when a woman undergoes recurring miscarriages.

Nisha IVF, Ahmedabad offers result-oriented treatment to patients with a history of recurring miscarriages

It becomes a matter of concern when a woman undergoes recurring miscarriages. Apart from losing the baby, the health of the woman is also compromised. Instances of recurring miscarriages do indicate the need for in-depth investigation and seeking special treatment to resolve them.

Dr. Nisarg Patel, Founder - at Nisha IVF Hospital, one of the Best IVF Center in Ahmedabad shares valuable insights on why miscarriages occur, how to prevent them, and experience a normal pregnancy.

He states, 'Miscarriages can occur due to many reasons. Today, it is possible to ascertain the actual cause of miscarriage and prevent its recurrence in a much better way. The treatment options include detailed investigations such as genetic screening, surgery, medicines, and lifestyle changes. There is no reason to panic or face anxiety on account of recurring miscarriages. Instead, the patients should seek the advice of an IVF specialist.'

He shares a patient story of a YO patient with a history of repeated miscarriage who sought their advice. She consulted Dr. Nisarg Patel before going ahead with her pregnancy. After an in-depth diagnosis and findings, Dr. Nisarg Patel prescribed suitable gynecological advice. Fortunately, she conceived naturally. But after her first trimester, she was diagnosed with an abdominal blood clot.

Dr. Patel and his team performed a surgical procedure to remove the abdominal blood clot that required her to stay at the hospital for a couple of days. Later on, her blood sugar rose to extremely high levels which were controlled through medications. The patient was able to enjoy her remaining pregnancy without further complications. She underwent a full-term pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy. Further, Dr. Patel states that the surgical procedure to remove the abdominal clot was performed at the right time as it saved the patient from experiencing yet another miscarriage.

In such cases, IVF specialists and gynecologists efforts to prescribe suitable treatment depending upon the reasons or likely cause for miscarriages.

Other uterine conditions rectifiable through surgery include correction of the shape of the uterus that can be yet another main reason for miscarriage. The IVF specialist uses a hysteroscope to view and repair the shape of the uterus through the vagina, this is a simple one-day procedure that lowers the risk of miscarriage ensuring a smooth pregnancy.

Other issues such as extra tissues within the uterus like fibroids, polyps and so on also can be removed through surgical procedures and reduces the risk of miscarriage to a great extent.

Patients with autoimmune diseases or clotting issues are prescribed aspirin or heparin in small doses to reduce the risk of miscarriage. On the other hand, for patients with thyroid conditions, abnormal sugar levels, or high levels of the hormone prolactin, suitable modifications in their regular medicine goes a long way in lowering the risk of miscarriages.

If essential then IVF specialists recommend genetic screening to rule out the possibility of rearrangement (translocation) of the chromosomes which increases the risk of miscarriage. Hence, Dr. Nisarg Patel advises his IVF patients with a history of recurring miscarriages to undergo genetic screening and ensure the use of a healthy embryo in the IVF treatment.

About Dr. Nisarg Patel

Dr. Nisarg Patel is also the Director, Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Laparoscopic Surgeon, and IVF doctor in Ahmedabad at Nisha IVF Centre. He has played an active role in establishing IVF centers and their management. Currently, Dr. Nisarg Patel is associated with many IVF clinics in Rajkot, Ajmer, Mumbai, Botad, Surendranagar, and Nepal.

About Nisha IVF Centre

Nisha IVF is one of the leading IVF centres in Ahmedabad that offers a comprehensive array of IVF and ART treatments. They treat both male and female infertility issues. They also have a track record of a 60% success rate in the very first IVF cycle.

Also, as an IVF hospital in Ahmedabad, Nisha IVF is one of the well-maintained patient-centric hospitals with warm and caring staff. The entire team at Nisha IVF understands the anxiety and mental stress faced by the patients and their family members. Hence, they take extra effort in looking after them and ensuring their physical and their mental well-being.

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