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Navrachana School's NavFest attracts 56 schools across Asia

Navrachana School’s Navfest x RISE 2021, a unique global Interschool competition attracted 56 Schools from India, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE ended on Tuesday

Navrachana Schools NavFest attracts 56 schools across Asia

Navrachana School's Navfest x RISE 2021, a unique global Interschool competition attracted 56 Schools from India, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE ended on Tuesday. Essar International School, Surat, lifted the overall Championship Trophy while Delhi Public School, Harni, Vadodara emerged Champions in RISE 2021. This event was conceptualized, planned and executed entirely by students of Navrachana.

Navfest 2021's theme was 'Clash of Empires'. It included a wide spectrum of competitive events across Science, History, Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Language Arts and Commerce. Students got the opportunity to research the rise and fall of World Empires, their evolution and implications for the world today.

Pratham Agarwal, President, Student Council, quipped, "Clash of Empires was designed to be a coming together of poetry, painting, music, drama, debate, quizzing, debate, declamation, gaming like Minecraft and more importantly, oodles of fun!" RISE provided a platform to student leaders from participating schools to identify and solve problems around them that they feel most passionate about, using design thinking to promote sustainable development and bring about a change.

Suprabha Menon, Principal said, "Children need to learn key life skills like interpersonal skills, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and leadership skills to prepare for a future where they will be the leaders and decision makers. We at Navrachana believe that true and lasting learning takes place through experience, so we conduct activities like Navfest x RISE to give our children those experiences. I am proud to say that they organized this mega event successfully on their own with only a little guidance from their teachers. The learning has been tremendous."

Kashmira Jaiswal, Festival Convener stated, "Such events act as catalysts in this extremely important journey of our young change makers so that they can contribute to solving the real-world problems as and when encountered by them".

Working with the constraints of the pandemic, students learnt how to tackle problems head-on. As he successfully navigated the online platform, Kush Golani, Class XII, said "Navfest x RISE 2021 provided me with the opportunity to harness the true power of technology". For Arjun Rathi, Head Boy, it was the importance of proper communication and solving problems with a solution-driven mindset that was his learning from hosting this event, while for Sanvi Pande, Head Girl, "going international had us critically analyse every step and taught us to collaborate efficiently".

Tejal Amin, Executive Chairperson, NES said "The outstanding concept and execution entirely by students, guided by our talented teachers validates the education philosophy of Navrachana Education Society. This is the kind of education that is envisaged in the NEP 2020."

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