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MSME Minister Narayan Rane met COIR members in Vadodara to discuss their plans for Gujarat.

Discussions held on fill backlog, cluster formation and increase export in Gujarat

MSME Minister Narayan Rane met COIR members in Vadodara to discuss their plans for Gujarat.

"We want to spread the presence of COIR to other states specially concentrated on coastal ones and then to others. Secondly we are concentrating on to fill the backlog in Gujarat and discussed on about the cluster, employment generation, techniques and time of completion. Currently 58 lakhs employment have been generated and we want to increase it to One crore twenty lakhs in next five years, " Said Narayan Rane Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of India.

He was in Vadodara to attend the COIR meeting regarding planning of clusters in Gujarat, how they generate employment, increase export to 7000 crore from Gujarat in three to five years and fill the backlog. Coir Board was set up under the Coir Industry Act, 1953 by the Government of India for the overall sustainable development of coir industry in the Country. The functions of the Board as laid down under the Act include undertaking, assisting and encouraging scientific, technological and economic research, modernization, quality improvement, human resource development, market promotion and welfare of all those who are engaged in this industry.

"COIR work is more in the South and we want to spread it to other states specially concentrating on the coastal states and then to states where there presence is nil and unemployment is more. We want to concentrating on clear the backlog in Gujarat and make clusters, employment generation, techniques and tenure of completion. We want to increase the exports from 4000 crore to 7000 crores in Gujarat in the next three to five years, " Said Rane.

He further said that their ministry is also working on to revive the industries suffered during the Corona era and already formed a committee to submit a report. They also came to know about many technical people left jobs in the time and now efforts are there to call them back.

On question of including modern technology in MSME's Rane said, efforts are going on to increase production and for that modern machinery and technology is essential. They are proposing to provide such latest machinery on loan to the beneficiaries. He also said that the ministry also is working on to create a mechanism in banks so that the loan sanctioned will be quickly given to the beneficiaries.

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