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Minister of State Yogesh Patel and other dignitaries welcoming the Gandhinagar-Varanasi superfast train at Vadodara

Welcoming the train with traditional dance and enthusiasm at Chhayapuri Railway Station, Vadodara

Minister of State Yogesh Patel and other dignitaries welcoming the Gandhinagar-Varanasi superfast train at Vadodara

The Gandhinagar-Varanasi superfast train was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi via video conference on Friday. The train, which started from Gandhinagar, was greeted at Vadodara's Chhayapuri railway station by dignitaries including Yogesh Patel, Minister of State for Narmada Development, with traditional dance, police band and enthusiasm. Distinguished citizens of Vadodara city made a symbolic journey to Godhra in this train.

Addressing the gathering via video conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Indian Railways is the cornerstone of the country's development. Leaving the old-fashioned approach to take the country's development to new heights, we are moving with modern thinking and technology. New railway projects will strengthen the infrastructure as well as create new employment opportunities. With the development of new facilities by the railways, cleanliness is being realized at the railway stations. With the intensification of security in the railways, the speed of the railways has also increased. This change is being experienced by every common man. In a large country like India, every class should have access to railway facilities and arrangements.

Prime Minister added that with the development of Science City, children will learn new things as well as develop their creative power. The Corona epidemic has greatly affected people's lives. Even amidst the opposite situation, economic growth has accelerated. At the same time, we need to be vigilant. This epidemic has so far been resolutely tackled. He added that the pace of vaccination needs to be accelerated to keep people safe from the epidemic.

Through video conference from Gandhinagar, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that Gujarat's economic activity and development has been uninterrupted amidst the Corona epidemic. Then these new railway projects will prove to be a milestone in taking the development of Gujarat from the best to the best. Gujarat has suffered injustice for years for railway service. Then with the help of the central government, the railway sector has got the gift of modern facilities with new connectivity. He added that Gujarat has resolutely resisted both the waves of the Corona virus. At the same time, the state government has not allowed the pace of development to slow down.

Minister of State for Narmada Development Yogesh Patel said that with the launch of Gandhinagar-Varanasi superfast train, it will be useful for the devotees of the state including Vadodara city-district for the darshan of Baba Vishwanath. Other new projects of Indian Railways will accelerate the development of the state and will also provide new employment opportunities, he added.

On this occasion Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, Chief Secretary Anil Mukim addressed the occasion through video conference.

On this occasion, Vadodara Mayor Keyur Rokadia, MLA's Jitendra Sukhadia, Madhu Srivastava, Akshay Patel, Seema Mohile, Manisha Vakil, Deputy Mayor Nanda Joshi, Collector R.B. Barad, Officers-in-charge including Province Officer Pattani, were present to welcome the train at Vadodara.

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