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Marathon effort of Karjan health worker to vaccinate people touched the heart of Prime Minister

Special mention made in the Mann Ki Baat program

Marathon effort of Karjan health worker to vaccinate people touched the heart of Prime Minister

Hetal Mochi, a health nurse working at the Urban Health Center in Karjan, through her marathon effort of vaccinate people touched the heart of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM mentioned it in his Mann Ki Baat broadcast on Sunday, showing her picture and heartily applauding the contribution of such grassroots health workers in the achievement of 100 crore cores vaccination.

Giving information, Karjan Taluka Health Officer and Medical Superintendent Dr. Prashant Singh said that Hatalben has been providing corona vaccination services continuously since its inception for the last ten months. She is vaccinating people by forgetting festivals, celebrations, public holidays.

During this period, she was constantly prioritising the duty of vaccination by managing family matters such as problems in the family, in-laws getting sick, difficulties in caring for young children. She vaccinate about 200 people daily and it is estimated that more than 24,000 people have been vaccinated with the first or second dose. People who have had both doses of the vaccine from Hetal Mochi are delighted that Prime Minister applauded her services.

Along with that she has also worked to spread the awareness of vaccination among people and remove the misconceptions that have taken root in their minds.

Expressing the feeling that some employees of the district health system have shown amazing devotion in vaccinating people against corona, Chief District Health Officer Dr. Surendra Jain said that Hatal Mochi has been at the forefront of these workers and she has given pride to entire district health family.

Encouraged by the Prime Minister's mention of her successful performance in the national broadcast, Hetal Mochi said that with the Prime Minister's encouragement, India set a world record by vaccinating 100 million people against corona. She feel proud for her co-participation in this process. With the help of family and colleagues, she is able to continue this work.

Corona's threat has not over yet and she has expressed the feeling that all those who are left behind should be vaccinated on time and take precautions to prevent covid, including wearing a mask.

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