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In an anti-encroachment drive of Ahmedabad, a newly constructed structure was demolished

The recently built ground plus two-story structure opposite Lucky Saad Bakery and Mastana Masjid was demolished

In an anti-encroachment drive of Ahmedabad, a newly constructed structure was demolished

In Ahmedabad's Maktampura ward, a three-story illegal commercial building with almost 7,500 square feet of built-up area was demolished on Thursday as part of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's (AMC) continuing anti-encroachment effort.

A big army of AMC, contract workers, and city police helped bring down the freshly completed ground plus two-story structure adjacent Lucky Saad Bakery and Mastana Masjid in the Juhapura district of the South West zone.

"The illegally constructed building was built two-three months ago. In order to stop the illegal use of it, the construction was served notices and sealed too as per The BPMC Act (Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, 1949)," Deputy Estate Officer of South West zone Kantibhai Patel told.

"These details are not known to me at the moment," Patel said of the building's ownership and construction.

The operation was carried out with the help of two JCB machines, roughly 15 private contract labourers, 25 AMC, and over 40 police officers from the Vejalupr police station.

The AMC removed encroachments from various plots in Nikol ward worth an estimated price of Rs 21.50 crore as part of another anti-encroachment drive from public roads, footpaths, illegal constructions, and illegal possession of municipal reserve plots, according to a release issued by the AMC's North zone estate department.

AMC's current anti-encroachment campaign will continue in the coming days, according to AMC executives.

"The service road from Vishala Circle has been identified with more than 100 shops with illegal constructions to be demolished in the coming week," added Patel.

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