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Important contribution from Department of Pathology of Baroda Medical College in saving lives of Mucormycosis patients

More than 500 biopsy tests were performed by the department's histopathology lab to diagnose Mucormycosis

Important contribution from Department of Pathology of Baroda Medical College in saving lives of Mucormycosis patients

For more than a year and half, the various departments of Baroda Medical College and Sayaji Hospital have been able to save the lives of patients through integrated and uninterrupted, excellent health services. The Department of Pathology of Baroda Medical College has made a very noble contribution in this.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ranjankrishna Iyer, Dean of the Medical College Tanuja Javadekar and the head of the department, Dr. Smita Patel, the department has done a great deal of help in determining the exact treatment of these two diseases by conducting various tests on an urgent basis. Dr. MP Dighe and Dr. Srilakshmi Hirayur have also made significant contribution in the noble work of this department.

The department has conducted more than one and a half lakh different types of tests during the last one year, useful in the accurate treatment of more than 30,000 patients with potential corona. These include a complete blood cell count, peripheral smear, body fluid and coagulation test.

The senior and junior physicians as well as the technicians working in this department have been working tirelessly to provide lab reports in 2 to 3 hours which are useful in adopting a specific strategy for the treatment of covid patients during the crisis.

The Department of Pathology, along with covid, is now providing a biopsy report useful in determining Mucormycosis treatment with the same promptness. Dr. Smita Patel said the department's histopathology laboratory has performed more than 500 biopsy tests for accurate diagnosis of the disease. This operation is being done on a daily basis at the Department of Histopathology and Cytology Lab.

Accepting biopsies of continuous cases is processed in two days on a war footing. Under normal circumstances this process takes 3 to 4 days. Special staining for fungus is confirmed in required cases.

Immediate diagnosis of extremely serious patients is inevitable. Correspondingly a special imprint smear test is performed in the cytology lab and a special stain is made on it and a lab report is given in 3 to 4 hours. Under normal circumstances this process takes 1 to 2 days.

The Sayaji Hospital and the Department of Pathology are currently allotted two advanced cell counter devices from the MLA's grant which will be very useful in the complete blood cell count test of the patients. Necessary equipment is also provided from time to time by the state health department.

Corona and Mucormycosis are relevant. In fact, medical tests performed by the Department of Pathology and its laboratories are of paramount importance in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. So this department is of paramount importance and the backbone of healthcare.

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