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IAS officer has become a yoga practitioner after retirement

Dr. Chaudhary in Yoga Niketan administered classes and Yoga trainer Praveen Maripelly have taken yoga training in online classes

IAS officer has become a yoga practitioner after retirement

Retired Indian Civil Service (IAS) officer Dr. C.S. Chaudhary has become a regular yoga practitioner since his retirement. Under the auspices of Sayajirao Diamond Jubilee Trust, Yoga Niketan, which has been inculcating yoga rites for 30 years, regularly participates in the celebration of World Yoga Day.

Thanks to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 21st June has been recognised as World Yoga Day. The program is enthusiastically celebrated across the country.

He says that he has been doing yoga since 1993 but due to various responsibilities during his tenure, there were irregularities in yoga activities.

Dr. Chaudhary has taken yoga training in the classes organized by Yoga Niketan and then in the online classes of yoga trainer Praveen Maripelly.

He says that when he experienced frustration or discouragement in life, Dr. Juneja showed him the way to get out of it. Dr. Juneja is practicing yoga for last two decades. Now Dr. Chaudhary has been practicing yoga regularly since 2018.

Yoga Niketan Institute organises a special session of Yoga Sadhana corresponding to World Yoga Day in which the members celebrate this day by doing 108 Suryanamaskars. This time Praveen Maripelly has compiled the session online despite being in the US. Surya Namaskar is a tough yoga.

Practitioners who have learned yoga in this institute live in different countries of the world. They have performed public Surya Namaskar Sadhana as part of World Yoga Day at famous places like Statue of Unity, Modhera Sun temple.

Unfortunately for the last 2 years due to the limitations of Corona the seekers stay at home under video recording to do Surya Namaskar. The institute's yoga teachers monitor it online and certify successful Yoga performers. This time around 1500 people from all over the world joined this Yoga online on Sunday.

Surya Namaskar were performed as a final in two yoga sessions on Sunday morning and evening. It is estimated that 1500 people from all over the world and approximately 135 from Vadodara have joined. It is this strength of yoga that is moving towards connecting the world across the borders.

Yoga Niketan Institute is carrying out yoga activities under the leadership of Dr. Kiran Shinglot. Working in the premises of Sayajirao Diamond Jubilee Trust near Fategunj Post Office Char Rasta, this institute runs various short and long term courses of Yoga Sadhana in which anyone can join without any age restriction.

Expressing the feeling that yoga is an Indian tradition to keep the body and mind fit and healthy, Dr. Chaudhary said that yoga sadhana is a proper rite to engage children from childhood. This sadhana does not have an age limit and it is advisable not to do certain types of yoga in certain types of ailments. One can do yoga by following the limitations.

Yoga is one of the traditions of Indian culture that the world has accepted as beneficial. It is desirable for every family to join and keep this rich heritage alive.

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