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Humane Society International/India's new survey shows 80% street dogs sterilized in Vadodara

This decline in lactating female dogs follows a program carried out through high-volume Animal Birth Control surgeries program in the city

Humane Society International/Indias new survey shows 80% street dogs sterilized in Vadodara

Humane Society International/India has successfully sterilized and vaccinated 80% of the street dogs in less than four years across all 12 wards of the city with the support of Vadodara Municipal Corporation. A recent bi- annual monitoring survey shows a sharp decline in lactating females and puppies and this year 3,048 street dogs were sterilized and vaccinated against rabies by HSI/India.

Dr. Sanjay, program manager, HSI/India Dog Population Management Program, Vadodara said, "The guidelines of Animal Birth Control program suggest that a minimum rate of 70% sterilization among street dogs is ideal to maintain dog population and welfare at large. While in Vadodara, the sterilization rate and dog density remains consistent with 70-80% in the last four years. Now we are targeting the areas that have lower sterilization rates due to dense population and narrow streets."

Dr. Vijay Panchal, Market Superintendent, VMC, said, "With the dog breeding season around the corner, we are focusing to spay/neuter as many street dogs as possible to control their population, especially in areas like Adaniya Bridge Road, Warasia Road and Isckon-Vasna Road where the sterilization rate is low".

Important facts and figures.

• The total dog count has reduced by 16% in June 2021 compared to June 2018.

• Vadodara's sterilization program has achieved and maintained a high percentage of sterilization since 2018.

• The number of lactating females counted in the survey of May 2018 has declined by 45.5% in the survey results of June 2021.

• There is a huge difference in the number of pups spotted in the two years: the figures have fallen by approximately 80% in the duration of 3 years.

• Dogs with skin conditions and dogs suffering from severe malnourishment were found low in numbers across all wards.

Humane Society International/India currently runs animal birth control programs in Dehradun, Vadodara and Lucknow in association with the Municipal Corporation and State Animal Welfare Board. Animal Birth Control Programs are the only lawful and humane method of controlling street dog population.

In addition to Animal Birth Control programs, HSI/India also carries out a community engagement program called Abhay Sankalp which works with neighborhoods across the city to understand their concerns regarding street dogs and facilitate a better understanding of rabies, dog behavior and other aspects of coexisting with street dogs living in each neighbourhood.

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