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Haryana farmer cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for environmental awareness

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Haryana farmer cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for environmental awareness

Karamveer Dhillon, 20, a resident of Mahendragarh, District Haryana, has started his cycle journey for environmental awareness from Kargil-Kashmir to Kanyakumari covering most states and cities. Starting from 30th August 2021 he reached Vadodara on 25th September recieved by cycling group of the city.

Karamveer Dhillon who is basically a farmer and planted 1000 trees on his birthday has started his environmental awareness bicycle ride from Kargil. From Kargil he covered Srinagar, Pathankot, Jalandhar, Narwana, Naranol, Jaipur, Ajmer, Kishanghad, Chittod, Malpur, Bichwada before reached Vadodara and recieved by Vadodara Cycle Rider Group - Velocity on Wheels.

"I started my first ever expedition with an aim to spread awareness in people about plant more trees and started by planting 1000 trees on my birthday on 26 August. I start from Kargil Kashmir on 30th August with a message of Save environment, go green and support farmers. Being a farmer i seek support from everyone to support us in our fight against the new laws and save us. I ride 100 to 110 kilometers daily and will cover around 4200 kms to reach Kanyakumari around 25 October covered all the cities in West Coast. From there I start from Kanyakumari and will reach Haryana covering the East coast. But all depends on the Haryana election dates. I urge all to plant atleast five trees on their birthdays to save environment, " Said Dhillon while cycling towards Statue of Unity.

Nikita Batra founder of Velocity on Wheels, added that as a group they explore new places during their ride and encourage people for cycling and save environment. After met Karamveer Dhillon they now add one more initiative in their list to plant trees and motivate others to join.

Karamveer Dhillon visited Statue of Unity on Sunday and from there he will reach Bharuch and Surat on his journey towards Kanyakumari.

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