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Harendrasinh Dayama's unmatched patriotism to train people about correct hoisting of national flag and national anthem singing

Trained more than 3 lakh people in last 46 years of service in Vadodara

Harendrasinh Dayamas unmatched patriotism to train people about correct hoisting of national flag and national anthem singing

The country is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav and the national flag and national anthem are the most revered and existing symbols of every nation including India. Maintaining their honor is to maintain the honor of the country.

Harendrasinh Dayama director of Sardar Bhavan Trust in Vadodara has been serving the country for more than four and a half decades by training people and students about correct salute to national flag and sing accurate national anthem.

He organize this training especially before the national holidays of 15th August and 26th January. He trained the people, students, social organizations, institutes about the importance of national flag and anthem, rules and correct hoisting of national flag and singing of national anthem.

Originally from Sagadol village near Nareshwar, Harendrasinh came to Vadodara from the very beginning of his youth days to take this training after reading in the newspaper that such training is given in Sardar Bhavan in Vadodara.

At that time Raman Kumar Rana gave him this training and after him he accepted this responsibility and have continued to work till today.

He has also kept a record of how many people he has trained so far. Accordingly, in 46 years, he has done a very noble country service by imparting this training to more than three and a half lakh people and institutions.

It needs to be reminded here that Vadodara made a wonderful experiment of democracy. The Sardar Bhavan was established in 1944 to give impetus to nationalist activities.

Informing that the national flag can be purchased only from recognized khadi stores, Dayama said that the Flag Code of India has various provisions including the size of the national flag which must be strictly followed to maintain the dignity of the country.

The national flag can be hoisted only after sunrise and there are very detailed rules that he teach under this training, including taking off the national flag with honor before sunset. This flag code has been amended from time to time and the revised flag code of 2002 is currently in force.

In the same way, he has noticed that most people make 6 mistakes while singing the national anthem. That is why he rehearse the national anthem using accurate word formation.

He says the current flag has been adopted after changes in the national flag over time. He have 8 flags showing gradual development on the basis of which he give an understanding of the history of the national flag.

The nation needs to inculcate the habit of respecting the nation in the same way that a child is taught the values ​​of respecting elders from childhood. Harendrasinh is doing this unique value education through flag salute and national anthem training.

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