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Gujarat SPCA Rajesh Bhavsar raised objection over the cleaning initiative at Vishwamitri

Said this is the breeding time of crocodiles and reptiles and not suitable to carry on with this cleaning work

Gujarat SPCA Rajesh Bhavsar raised objection over the cleaning initiative at Vishwamitri

Gujarat SPCA president Rajesh Bhavsar raised his objection over the cleaning initiative begun by the Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan on the Vishwamitri river bank. He said this is the time of breeding of crocodiles and other reptiles and such work will disturb their nests and also increase the possibility of human animal conflict.

VMSS has starting cleaning of Vishwamitri river from Bhimnath bridge on Saturday. Mayor, municipal commissioner and other officials reviewed the work and gave necessary instructions. However Raj Bhavsar from GSPCA raised objection over the cleaning work during this time.

He said the time chosen is wrong as it is breeding season of crocodiles and other reptiles. By disturbing this will not only cause damage to the offspring's and eggs laid which is a legal offence. But disturbing the reptiles at this time will force them to move and venture into populated areas increasing the likelihood of human animal conflict.

Keeping the above in mind and the safety and well-being of humans and animals, they request the work to be immediately stopped. They also threaten to proceed legally against the officers and offices involved if the cleaning isn't postponed till after the breeding season of these reptiles.

"We support the cause but we don't not agree to the time choosen and the safety of humans and animals put at stake. We do not support decisions made without considering the affects on the population and the breeding season for reptiles and other animals, " further added Rajesh Bhavsar Gspca and wildlife sos.

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