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Gujarat Police Uniform: The khaki uniform of the British era will change, now be seen in a new appearance

The opinion was taken from more than 7 thousand police officers-employees of various serving in more than 35 cities.

Gujarat Police Uniform: The khaki uniform of the British era will change, now be seen in a new appearance

When it comes to police, the dialogue from the popular movie Sholay comes to mind. We are Englishmen or Jamane or Jailor Hai. This phrase seems to be largely appropriate even today. Because, Gujarat Police wears khaki color uniform which has been going on since the British period.

Now is the time for change. Along with the image of Gujarat Police, there is also a need to change the uniform. The uniform of the Gujarat Police during the time of the British will now be changed. 7 thousand policemen of five districts including Gandhinagar have been surveyed. Soon, Gujarat police personnel will be seen in new colors

Since 1847 Indian police have been wearing khaki uniform. Which is the dress of British era. The identity of the police is the khaki uniform. The Bureau of Police Research and Modernization had earlier recommended to change the present dress of the police.

The khaki color is actually a dust-soil color. In 1847 Sir Harry Lumsden officially adopted the khaki uniform. Khaki color uniform was introduced in Indian Police from the same time. Well, since then this uniform became the identity of the police.A massive survey has been conducted to replace the khaki uniform.

The survey was conducted by Bhavya Rana, Assistant Professor of the renowned Anant National University and her team. It is said that, based on this survey, a special design of the uniform has been prepared. As the green signal is given by the government, the police will be equipped with new uniforms.

For the survey project, online and physical survey has been conducted for three consecutive months with six students of the university.The present uniform of the police is very tight and tight. Soldiers have to perform duty day and night, so it is difficult to perform duty in this uniform. Especially the women police personnel feel discomfort.

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