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Gujarat Gram Panchayat Results 2021: Know who all became the Sarpanch of places

A total of 1.82 crore people voted in the elections

Gujarat Gram Panchayat Results 2021: Know who all became the Sarpanch of places

The counting of ballots in Gujarat's gramme panchayat elections began on December 21 in various locations.

According to preliminary voting results, 77 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the elections. With the exception of a few isolated incidences, voting in Gujarat has remained quiet, according to a top official with the Gujarat State Election Commission.

On Sunday, polls were held in 8,686 gramme panchayats and 48,573 wards, with 37,000 ballot boxes distributed over more than 23,000 stations, with results expected on Tuesday. According to an update posted on the state electoral body's website on Monday, the sarpanch election had a turnout of 77.03 percent, while ward members had a turnout of 72.92 percent. According to the report, approximately 1.81 crore persons were eligible to vote.

Follwing are the canditates won the position of Sarpanch in the following villages:A total of 1.82 crore people voted in the elections.

Shipa Patel won from Samli, Hansot

Parul Patel won from Vameshwar, Hansot

Roopa Vasava won from Parvat, Hansot

Parul Aahir won from Nava Tariya, Ankleshwar

Lakshman Vasava won from Nava Diva, Ankleshwar

Jaibuneesha Patel won from Piraman, Ankleshwar

Meenaben Rathod won from Aniyadra, Hansot

Navneet Patel won from Sahol, Hansot

Jayshree Vasava won from Mangrol, Hansot

Mukund Patel won from Bholav, Hansot

Kailash Vasava won from Sarfuddin, Ankleshwar

Satish Vasava won from Kalam, Hansot

Unnatiben Tailor won from Karela, Bharuch

Kalpanaben Vasava won from Kadvali, Jhagadiya

Meliben Vasava won from Baamalla, Jhagadiya

Narendrasinh Solanki won from Akhod, Vagra

Indravadan Rana won from Janiyadra, Vagra

Pushpaben Gohil won from Vaav, Vagra

Krishnaben Gohil won from Paldi, Vagra

Immtiyaz Patel won from Bhensali, Vagra

Mayur Vasava won from Kaneraav, Valiya

Savita Rupapara won from Akada, Jetalpur, Rajkot

Alpaben Gaanoya won from Jambudi, Jetalpur,

Radhika Radadiya won from Sankani, Jetalpur,

Shailesh Butani won from Amrapara, Jetalpur,

Pravin tarpada won from Berdi, Jetalpur

Bhagvati Gujarati won from Bawa Pipniya, Jetalpur

Jitendra Solanki won from Kaagvad, Jetalpur

Indu Gadhvi won from Jatavira, Nakhatrana, Kutchh

Daahiben Bhanushali won from Loriya, Bhuj

Madhra Jumma won from Sayra, Abdasa

Gaman Gamit won from Kherdi, Vyara, Tapi

Sunil Chaudhari won from Kanja, Vyara

Indulaal Chaudhari won from Sankadi, Vyara

Jayshri Hanpati won from Vejalpur, Navsari

Rajesh Rathod won from Gurukulsoopa, Navsari

Damyanti Rathod won from Moldhara, Navsari

Sumitra Hanpati won from Paddha, Navsari

Karshan Savani won from Umrana, Bhavnagar

Ashok Sarvaiyya won from Navi Kamrol, Tanaja

Kalpesh Rathod won from Rayam, Bardoli

Geeta Aahir won from Belad, Kamrej

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