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Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani disbursed interest free loans of Rs. 140 crore to 1 lakh women of 14 thousand women's groups in the state

By December 2022, 10 lakh women will be given interest free loans of Rs 1,000 crore

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani disbursed interest free loans of Rs. 140 crore to 1 lakh women of 14 thousand womens groups in the state

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Wednesday inaugurated various programs for the upliftment of women on Women's Pride Day from Vadodara. On the occasion, he digitally inaugurated various development works of Women and Child Development Department along with disbursement of interest free loans of Rs. 140 crore to 1 lakh women of 14 thousand women's groups.

In a function held at Vadodara to congratulate the women power of the entire state, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that they have created a new development world in Gujarat keeping in view every section of the society. With the blessings of women power, their government is completing five years of rule. The occasion of the completion of five years is not a celebration for the government, but a service to the people.

The Chief Minister said that under Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana, 10 lakh women of the state would be included in it before December 2022 and Rs. One thousand crore interest free loan will be given. In this 9-day Seva Yagya, Rs. 15 thousand crore works are being offered to the people by running 18000 programmes by the government.

It is to strengthen the faith of the people by going to them during this Seva Yagya and show them that they have done many times more than what they said five years ago. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, while attacking the people protesting against this public service yajna, said, We are not people who show mangoes, But 'do what we say.

The Chief Minister added, "We have made a number of decisions with a sense of empathy for the people and the concept of all-round development, and have delivered its benefits to the people." Today is an opportunity to present its balance sheet to the people. The working mantra of the state government has been development for all and we have shown that to all. So this process of development is not possible without mutual cooperation and collaboration. We have developed all together in Gujarat.

Praising the power of women, Vijay Rupani said that where women are honored and glorified, there is the presence of gods. This means that respect for femininity is the path to prosperity. The state government has provided the right economic environment for the development of women power. Six women athletes from Gujarat represent the country in various sports at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

He said that women have been given equal rights and status by the state government, and have equal rights in the government. Women have been given 50 per cent opportunity in the institutions of local self-government. Today women not only run the house, but also govern the village, city, town panchayat or district. Various schemes are working for the development of different classes in Gujarat. Of those, 189 schemes are exclusively for women. The State Government is committed to the empowerment and holistic development of women.

Minister of State Vibhavari Dave said, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has made Gujarat the best of the best. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a separate Department of Women and Child Development in 2002 out of concern for women. Then its budget was Rs. 456 crore which is now Rs. 3511 crore. All steps have been taken by the state government for the empowerment of women. Apart from providing interest free loans to women, special provisions have been made by the government for women through Wahali Dikari Yojana, Mahila Utkarsh Yojana, Ganga Swarupa Yojana.

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