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Govt comes for rescue, provides welfare packages to affected fishermen

Gujarat state government announces economic welfare packages for the cyclone affected fishermen

Govt comes for rescue, provides welfare packages to affected fishermen

Today, the Gujarat government declares economical welfare packages for the fishermen affected during the cyclone Tauktae. The losses due to cyclone Tauktae and the recent loss happened a week before due to the heavy winds on the sea shore, will be compensated by the government.

Due to the cyclone Tauktae, the fishermen of the state suffered from great losses. Even the last week, the winds blowing by 100km/hr on the shores shook the fishermen and caused them harm. On Tuesday, under the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, the cabinet meeting took place. The meeting came to a decision of helping and supporting the affected fishermen by providing them welfare and relief packages. The spokesperson of the state government, Rajendra Trivedi informed about these welfare packages in a press conference. He told that approx total 29716 boats are registered in the state out of which around 50 boats faced the losses. An amount of 35,000 will be offered to the fishermen to overcome their losses. Smaller boats that suffered from more losses will be provided with the amount of 75,000 while 5 lakhs of loan at the interest rate of 10% will be offered as help.

Adding more to the matter, the Chief Minister has increased the income amount eligibility for these welfare packages. Recently it was 3lakhs for the fishermen which has now increased to 4lakhs respectively.

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