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First airplane restaurant in Vadodara and Gujarat opens for public from Monday

A new interesting food spot for the public of Vadodara now in an airplane

First airplane restaurant in Vadodara and Gujarat opens for public from Monday

The foodies of Vadodara will soon find a new destination to satisfy their taste buds. First airplane restaurant in Vadodara is soon going to give people a wonderful dining experience inside a A 320 airbus purchased from Bengaluru. The aim is to give people a dining experience inside a plane.

The airbus A 320 purchased in scrap is turned into a restaurant by a Vadodara hotelier to give the citizens a feel of sitting inside a plane and munch on their favorite food. The first airplane restaurant near Tarsali bypass has a sitting of 102 inside and 18 on left wing. The aero bridge entry, welcome by airhostess, safety announcement gives the foodies a real feel of entering a aircraft. A waiting lounge is also there to serve the people.

"We purchased the plane in 2019 and as we are about to start the work, lockdown started and the work comes to a total halt. However as things comes to normalcy we start again and finally open the first aeroplane restaurant in Gujarat. A 40 people staff will serve the people and provide them a real feel of sitting inside a plane. All covid guidelines are followed inside and we kept the rates affordable for the people of Vadodara, " Said Mehmood Mukhi owner Highly restaurant.

The plane was purchased in scrap from Nag aviation in Bengaluru and brought here in dismantled condition. Later with the help of technicians it changed into a full fledged restaurant which is first in Gujarat and fourth in India. It will be open for public from 25th October.

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