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Fire broke out in auto garage on Sunpharma road in Vadodara

Gutted four vehicles and three nearby huts

Fire broke out in auto garage on Sunpharma road in Vadodara

A fire broke out late at night in the auto garage on Sunpharma Road in Vadodara city and in the adjoining Zadeshwar settlement. The fire, which broke out at around 2.30 am, had gutted four vehicles in the garage and three huts. However, no casualties were reported in the incident. The fire was brought under control after a great effort by the fire brigade.

As per available details, a fire broke out in the auto garage around 2.45pm situated on sunpharma road create panic among residents. The incident was reported to the fire brigade and a team from Wadiwadi rushed to the spot. However, before they could three huts of Zavernagar settlement adjacent to the garage were engulfed in flames spread due to late night winds.

The sleepy slum dwellers were horrified as they left the hut to save their lives. However, all the household goods inside were burnt to ashes. The fire was contained by the fire brigade using water cannons to prevent the fire from engulfing the other huts in the settlement.

At the same time, the fire in the garage was brought under control by the fire brigade. However, two Activa mopeds, a Scooty Pep and a motorcycle lying in the garage were burnt to ashes before the fire was brought under control. The late-night blaze had spread panic in the area. Crowds of people thronged the place. A convoy of local police also rushed to the spot. No casualties were reported in the blaze. The exact cause of the fire is not known, however it is believed to have started due to a short circuit in the garage.

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