Final salute to Vadodara police sniffer dog 'Meena' the German Shepherd

Successfully performed VVIP arrangements at other places in the state including Vadodara

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Final salute to Vadodara police sniffer dog 'Meena' the German Shepherd

Meena (female) German Shepherd, who was on duty as a sniffer dog in the Dog Squad at Vadodara City Police Headquarters, died after a long illness. The female German sniffer dog has been with the city police dog force since June 2014. She was cremated with full honors by two other members of the Dog Squad, Danny and the Emperor, according to the tradition of the dog team. The funeral was conducted by police headquarters officials and Dog squad team.

The Dog Squad has an important role to play in resolving various crimes in the police force including theft, robbery, murder, identification of non-inherited items. The police dog squad for this operation consists of highly breed trained dogs, which help the police in solving various serious types of crimes. It is also said that dogs are very loyal animals, and the state police force has been taking advantage of their ability to detect traces by sniffing.

BB Shukla, Incharge police Inspector of Vadodara City Police Dog Force, said that the dog which is used to differentiate between theft and murder in the dog force is known as a tracker, which is trained to detect human smell. While sniffer dogs are given advanced training to detect explosives.

He added that in addition to VVIP and VIP sniffer dogs are being used to find explosives, conduct mobile drills and demonstrations by the police. They are used to search for explosives on designated routes on occasions such as rath yatras.

Sniffer Dog Meena successfully performed VVIP security bandobast in Vadodara city district as well as other places in the state besides VVIP security at Statue of Unity of Kevadia Colony.

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