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Dr. Kalpesh Gadhvi of Jarod Community Health Center and team gave new life to two female patients

Possible through accurate diagnosis and necessary immediate surgery with the help of sonography

Dr. Kalpesh Gadhvi of Jarod Community Health Center and team gave new life to two female patients

The dedicated doctors and team of Jarod Community Health Center under Vadodara District Health System have set a shining example of the best health services available in government hospitals.

Recently, Dr. Kalpesh Gadhvi, working in this hospital, successfully rescued a woman and a young girl who were in critical condition, by performing timely accurate diagnosis and emergency surgeries with the help of advanced sonography machine obtained under CSR. With the help of a state-of-the-art sonography machine provided to the hospital by the L&T company, successful treatment of these cases became possible in a small town like Jarod, and in a government hospital. Additional Chief District Health Officer Dr. Uday Tilawat has commended Dr. Gadhvi and fellow health workers for this success and dedication.

In the first case, a sonography examination of a 40-year-old woman from Indral village revealed that the uterus was in an inflamed condition and had a life-threatening tumor (fibroid). Based on the accurate diagnosis made by sonography, Dr. Gadhvi decided to have an immediate hysterectomy and saved the woman's life by removing the uterus along with the tumor. The woman was given blood four times.

In another case, a 20-year-old woman who was 34 weeks pregnant was routinely diagnosed with a serious condition of pregnancy with oligo-hydromnios in a sonographic examination. In the language that the common man understands, the loss of fetal water in the mother's womb endangered the lives of both the mother and the baby. The risk was increased due to irregular heartbeat of the fetus.

Dr. Gadhvi once again made an accurate assessment of the situation by performing sonography and decided to perform a caesarean section to save both the mother and the child and successfully treated the patient. Earlier in such cases the patient had to be sent to a major hospital immediately. But now it became possible in a government hospital.

Dr. Gadhvi said that due to the facility of the best sonography machine provided by the district health system to the charity of L&T Company, successful treatment in these two serious cases was possible only in our hospital.

Applauding the punctuality and expertise of Dr. Gadhvi and his team, Additional Chief District Health Officer Dr. Uday Tilawat said that under the CSR L&T Company have provided advanced sonography machines to the government hospital of Bajwa and Jarod. The cost of each of these machines is Rs. 8.50 lakhs. Donor charity has been successful due to dedicated doctors like Dr. Gadhvi.

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