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Deepak foundation rolls out unique skilling course batch for trans non binary

Aim is to inculcate them as covid warriors in hospitals and health centres

Deepak foundation rolls out unique skilling course batch for trans non binary

The neglected community of trans, non binary will now be working as covid warriors in Vadodara hospitals and centres. Deepak Foundation has made an attempt to train them in covid care management and make them ready to help the health care professionals in the possibility of third wave of Corona.

The shortage of manpower is one of the concern during the second wave and Deepak Foundation is making a important contribution to prepare the covid warriors in the form of trans, non binary and gender expansive community to prepare for the third wave. The Foundation has made an attempt to make their Home Health Aide (HHA) course more inclusive to provide opportunities and engage them in mainstream.

Around ten people from the community are currently get theory and practical training in covid care and managment, diet plans of patients, how to wear PPE kits, hospital and home based care and other related parameters. The foundation is also gives them the opportunity to interact with people through their mobile medical units.

"We saw the shortage of health functionaries during the second wave of corona and in view of that we are preparing this group to accommodate them in covid care management. We giving them training in identifying covid symptoms, medical treatment, hospital and home based care, diet management of patients, wearing PPE kits and other safety parameters while attending to Covid patients, " Said Jayanti Chauhan training coordinator.

The trainees also looking forward for this positive opportunity as a change in their lives ahead. "We saw the deadly second wave creating havoc everywhere and in possibility of third wave it's an honour for us to give our services as covid warriors. Our community has helped people in providing rations and other essentials during the lockdown and both the waves. But this is probably the first time we will get this opportunity to serve as health workers in caring covid patients, " Said Parvati.

Deepak Foundation has been conducting skill building courses for Home Health Aide (HHA) since last five years. Most of the trainees tend to opt for private facilities for employment despite the fact that they fetch better remuneration in home based services. The reasons being taboo attached to home based services and insecurity particularly among women trainees.

In current year, the Foundation has made an attempt to make the course more inclusive to provide opportunities to trans, non-binary, and gender expansive communities. The focus is on engaging them in providing home based health care to the convalescents, elderly and people with disabilities. Providing employment opportunities to trans non binary also helps in getting their due place in the mainstream that this educated and skilled communities are facing.

"The Home Health Aide course for trans non binary group not only skills them in providing para medical and palliative care to those who are recuperating at home or hospitals but also train them in counselling to address the mental health problem faced among those undergoing long term treatment and have no family members as care givers " said Archana Joshi, Director Deepak Foundation.

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