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Dahod doctor removes heaviest ovarian tumor from vaginal surgery and register name in record books

42-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh weighs 101 kg discharged the next day after undergoing difficult vaginal surgery

Dahod doctor removes heaviest ovarian tumor from vaginal surgery and register name in record books

A doctor in Dahod registered his name in Asia Book of World Records by removing a six-and-a-half kg ovarian tumor from Vaginal surgery without any incision, even in the patient's physical condition. The doctor is first in Asia to perform this type of non scar surgery. The record is registered as Heaviest Ovarian Tumor Removed by Vaginal Surgery Along With Vessel Sealer.

Dr. Rahul Padval practicing gynecologist in Dahod achieved the feat in a rural set up. He said, the 42 year old woman from a border village in Madhya Pradesh near Dahod, weighing 101 kg, had a large ovary about 30 to 40 cm. The size of the tumor was reported in a test performed at Zydus Hospital in Dahod.

The important thing was that MRI was not possible for this woman due to her obesity. At that time, Dr. Rahul Padwal performed surgery on her on 9th July at Padval Women hospital with the most difficult method of vaginal surgery and successfully removed 6.5 kg lump including 6.1 liters of fluid and solid part weighing about 400 grams. The vessel sealer was placed using a modern video laryngoscope machine. The patient's anesthesia made this surgery possible in this rural area.

The surgery to remove the big lump was performed through the vagina following the "natural orifice" procedure without a single stitch. The vessel sealer system was used in this method, which means you don't have to take stitches. There is no trace of surgery on the patient's body on the second day and does not have any discharge and patient was also discharged the next day.

"The woman's was obese as well as her neck, were so thick and narrow that it was unlikely that a tube would be inserted into the trachea to make the patient unconscious. Due to excessive obesity the MRI was not possible on her and hence a micro tube was inserted from the vagina and a lump weighing 6.5 kg in her ovary was removed. It's a challenge for them to perform such surgery in rural setup and successful in achieving the result. We have started process in July to register this matter in India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records and get the certificate in November," said Dr. Padwal.

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