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Court rejected bail application of accused conspired and extort money from victim

The accused has committed an act that undermines the trust of the society and disturbs the social balance - Additional Sessions Judge

Court rejected bail application of accused conspired and extort money from victim

9th Additional Sessions Judge, Vadodara (Savli) Amit Kumar J. Kanani, rejected the bail application of the accused involved in extort money from victim who mistakenly downloaded the app for same-sex friendship. The complainant mistakenly downloaded the same sex friendship application and the accused trapped him in the honey trap, committed a misdemeanor with him and made a video of him threatening to make it viral. He robbed him of 91 thousand worth of items and also trying to extort 50000 more by threatening the victim.

The accused Rakesh Ramdev Kanojia and his accomplices have been booked at Waghodia police station under various sections of the IPC and the Information Technology Act for their misconduct.

Rejecting the bail plea of ​​the accused, the Additional Sessions Judge said that these people have committed an undesirable act for the social order and has committed an offense as defined in the sections of the IT Act 2000. It is an act that undermines the confidence of the society and disturbs the social balance and it has trampled on the social structure by trapping an innocent person for their own financial gain.

He also remarked that at a time when the use of internet is increasing day by day in the society, users should use it with due care.

Amit Kanani directed to hand over a copy of this judgment to the senior police officers and through them to the administrators of such apps, to broadcast such warning incidents of misuse of the app and to delete the names and accounts of the persons who misused it. He opined that mentioning such incidents along with a picture of a well-known actor on the front page of the app would prevent misleading the youth in particular.

The investigating police officer gave details of other offenses registered against the accused at Sama, Sayajiganj, Chhani, Fatehganj police stations in Vadodara city in his affidavit. While the main accused in the case is still absconding and has yet to be apprehended, releasing the accused on bail at present will affect the investigation and he pleaded not to grant bail, fearing that he will again commit a serious crime.

It is pertinent to note that the public prosecutor had recommended to the court to deny bail to the accused and his accomplices in the last few days by putting before the court the facts including the details of more than 15 people became victims of them.

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