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Consistent Running Couple of Vadodara reached another milestone

Consistency is the key to success, feels the running couple of Vadodara who have reached a important milestone during their quest towards fitness and health

Consistent Running Couple of Vadodara reached another milestone

Consistency is the key to success, feels the running couple of Vadodara who have reached a important milestone during their quest towards fitness and health. On 26th June Krishan Gopal Malu completed nonstop everyday runwalk of 1000 days with 11777 kms fitness journey and his wife completed her 378 days of nonstop everyday runwalk with 3407 kms fitness journey.

All progress takes place outside your comfort zone is the mantra that motivated the couple Krishan Malu and Payal Malu. They both did not had any passion towards any sport before they actually felt the transformation both mentally and physically after the initial interest in Running and adopting it as a part of their daily routine.

Krishan's professional schedule could never have motivated him to get up early, skipping the peaceful morning sleep but his love for running started all the way back in early 2018. With the completion of his first ever challenge, 10 Ka Dum, where he ran 10 Kms daily for 10 consecutive days of Navratri with blessings of Maa Durga. This start made him passionate to adopt running as a fitness mantra.

Krishan said, adopting running has made him grow stronger, disciplined and a great stress buster. This sport has bring in a positive impact and made him comfortable in pushing his own limits towards achieving new milestones every day. Running inspired Krishan to promote this sport and he says, it is one of the best option to stay fit and close to nature, as running can be done anywhere and everywhere.

Further the continuation had brought in some very good achievements in Krishan's running expedition, as he is been Running and Walking for 1000 Days since 1st October 2018 till date with 11777 kms of journey. This consistent journey includes his multiple 10 km run, half marathons and ultra-run with 62 km. It is wisely said that if our dedication is strong then no circumstance can stop, which Krishan proved it right as even being tested Covid+ he did not stopped and continued to walk in house during isolation. This has helped him to recover fast and healthy.

As it is said that partners support each other and walk together in every situation, hence Payal joined his partner in this league and adopted the same fitness mantra. Seeing the super high spirit of Krishan, Payal too started with participation in 100 Days of Pinkathon Running Challenge. She mentioned that these challenges make you consistent and bring in a different enthusiasm altogether. She too with all enthusiasm and motivation is Running and Walking for 378 Days since 14th June 2020 till date with 3407 kms of journey and will continue the passion as long as possible.

Both of them have participated as Couple Ambassadors in various national & international virtual running challenges with the aim to promote fitness. 100 Days of Running Challenge is one of them which has brought in much more discipline and consistency to both of them. They believe that "Running is more than just being skinny, it is about a lifestyle, a personal choice, a journey of self-improvement and a therapy anyone can afford."

Both of them love to stay fit and promote it so more people do join or follow any sport of their choice and bring in positive change in individuals life. As running is more than a hobby for couple so, even during their travel to friends & relatives they always go running ready and enjoy running with them too.

Running is one of the best ways to boost both your physical and mental health. It helps just about all aspects of your health, provides an outlet for stress relief and improves your mood and overall happiness. The running couple is doing the same and hope to inspire more runners worldwide through there running journey.

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