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College student unique campaign of vaccination to save life in the tribal area

The MS university named this lone vaccine preacher as the Rising Star of the University

College student unique campaign of vaccination to save life in the tribal area

The government has made extensive arrangements for vaccination against corona and special requests are being made to everyone to get vaccinated. However, due to misconceptions people are avoiding vaccination and resorting to various excuses to avoid vaccination in many tribal areas and in urban and rural areas. As a result, the pace of vaccination is slow.

At that time, Binal Rathwa, a second-year science student from the M.S. University and a native of Chhotaudepur district in the tribal belt, aware people in the areas around her village about corona vaccine is safe, mandatory to take and does no harm.

The university took good note of her initiative to spread the awareness about the benefits of corona vaccine in a language that people could understand. They honoured her on their FB page as the Rising Star of the University.

During the partial lockdown, Binal, who received online education at home, embarked a door-to-door campaign to motivate people in her area to get vaccinated, with encouraging support of her father.

It is worth noting here that the effectiveness of a tribal community increases when a person from the community explains it with a touch of their own language. Binal with own inspiration has taken this work and has been a motivating initiative for the youth community.

The Chhotaudepur district administration took very positive note of this very useful work of Binal and attached her in their campaign.

As part of this, the vaccine campaigner has traveled to 93 villages in the tribal areas in just 15 days to spread the word about the corona vaccine and deliver the motivational message of Vaccine: Save Lives. Binal's initiative is a guide and a new direction for the state's student body.

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