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Chhatra Sansad Vadodara team met dignitaries in Delhi to discuss to city issues and their help in getting possible solutions

Chhatra Sansad Vadodara have been diligently working for the society over the past 6 years

Chhatra Sansad Vadodara team met dignitaries in Delhi to discuss to city issues and their help in getting possible solutions

Chhatra Sansad Vadodara have been diligently working for the society over the past 6 years and have undertaken many campaigns and projects that have helped empower the youth, raise sensitivity amongst people as well as promoted holistic development of the students and aspiring leaders.

In light of the recent pandemic, the team meticulously worked day and night to set up a community kitchen to feed patient families, homeless and underprivileged people in the city. They have also collaboratively worked in setting up a vaccination centre to provide sanitary and free means of vaccination for the residents of the city.

Taking a step forward and aiming to provide relief and support to the masses in other areas, they met with dignitaries to discuss and canvas the issues that the city has been facing and how they could help in bringing the much-needed change.

They were invited by G Kishan Reddy (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Development of Northeastern Region of India) with whom they had a detailed conversation in regards to the hit tourism industry and how the side effects burnt a hole in the economy. They were informed about the many ways that the government had planned to revitalise the tourism industry and build a stronger foundation to attract new tourists to explore the rich cultures and beauty of the nation.

Chhatra Sansad will be teaming up with local government bodies to help develop a democratic culture and raise awareness amongst the youths by conducting Youth Parliaments and help give them a platform to be present and find their significant roles in building a stronger and powerful country. They will be starting this initiative from the seven sisters in the northeast without overstepping on its rich and intricate history.

Next, they met Ramdas Athawale, the Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment who helped understand the process of upliftment and the correct method and way of doing it. He also educated on how to carry projects that would ensure social justice for every citizen.

Chhatra Sansad members also met renowned journalist Saurabh Dwivedi who helped them understand different ways in which they as an institution could increase our ground reach and create a better platform for aspiring young journalists.

The members were also meet the Information Commissioner Uday Mahurkar who guided on the ways to develop their campaigns that will help unite the government and citizens in working towards the building of a more capable and strong nation.

The Team also met Vaibhav Dange who is the private secretary to Nitin Gadkari minister of Road transport and highways. He gave the team the responsibility of strengthening the Panchayati Raj system in Gujarat and banked on them to help them develop and match the modern city speed. The CS will be actively responsible for working with the Indian Panchayat Parishad to look after 33 district panchayats, 247 Taluka panchayats and 14,017 Gram panchayats in Gujarat. We are honoured to receive such an important duty.

The team members also connected with Umesh Patil, Member of Parliament from Jalgaon who discussed about the youth's role in the Indian democracy and the importance of socio-political awareness. He has provided support to the institution by helping create a platform to expand Chhatra Sansad's activity and vision into Maharashtra.

Chhatra Sansad also met the former Vice president of BJP and current Rajya Sabha member Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, who gave a comprehensive and intricate feedback on how their institution can bring effective and necessary changes from the root. He also shared his experiences and observations from the past and gave his expertise on how to operate successfully and achieve greater milestones that benefit the country.

The team also met Digvijay Singh who was impressed with the institutions workings and capabilities adjured us to spread our wings into Madhya Pradesh to empower the youths there and provide a platform for aspiring leaders to rise in the right direction.

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