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Chemical leak in Surat's GIDC, 5 dead and 20 hospitalized

The injured were taken to the Surat Civil Hospital for treatment right away

Chemical leak in Surats GIDC, 5 dead and 20 hospitalized

In the early hours of Thursday, a chemical leak from a tanker in the Sachin GIDC area of Gujarat's Surat killed five persons and injured 20 more (January 6, 2022). All of the victims were sent to the Surat Civil Hospital for treatment.

"At least five workers have died at a hospital, where some 25 of them were rushed as they fell unconscious after inhaling toxic fumes coming out of a chemical tanker parked near their factory in Sachin GIDC area," said Basant Pareek, in-charge Chief Fire Office of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC).

At the time of the tragedy, the workers were sleeping inside the factory. He stated they were rushed to the New Civil Hospital. According to Pareek, the tanker was attempting to illegally dump of dangerous substances. The fire department, which received a call about the incident at 4.25 a.m., was able to close the valve and stop the fumes from leaking out.

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