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Baroda girl trying to remove taboos from society with her photography skills

Baroda girl trying to remove taboos from society with her photography skills

Photography is the art of capturing your imagination and creativity. It needs a lots of patience and expertise to click the best picture which says it all. Sometimes the pictures are such a strong medium that convey the message effectively to others without uttering a word.

A female photographer from Vadodara believes the same way and conveyed her message through pictures she clicked with perfection. She sweat it out for hours, days and sometimes move between countries to click her subject. She believe there is no need for a caption when your creativity works through your camera.

Pursue photography as a passion and career Hemali Parmar is probably only girl from Vadodara to project bold topics with her clicks. Recently she clicked a gay couple to spread their story with an intention to pave way for their acceptance in the society.

"Back in school days, with the least information and a blindfold society and system, we were taught that it is okay to love, ```just not the same sex```. It has to be made fun of. A behavior different than the set standards of a male body and female body had to be mocked. It spawned curiosity in me leading me to watch, read and know more about sexuality. I realized how natural it is to be a gay, lesbian, bisexual or a transgender. Us, as an uninformed society, had made it far too difficult for them to accept themselves. People belonging to any sexuality than a standard "male-female" set up is cringed upon. And one thing my camera lens has taught me - we don't accept what we don't understand. So the first step wouldn't be to accept them, but to try to understand them, " Said Hemali.

With camera do the talking for her, she start searching for a couple to click them and spread the beauty of their relationship. Failed to find any couple here she luckily found one in US and they are supporting enough to be clicked together. "

I had been looking for a gay couple in my city in India, but fail tremendously as I realise the fact that people are still struggling coming out of the closet and still need one to hide their natural existence. Specially majority Indian parent's dont understand, acceptance being out of question and treat it as a disease or a disorder. Even more disturbing fact is, they send their children to rehabilitation. They suffer a lot of bullying just because majority are not able to, or I should say not wanting to accept them. By these pics, all I'm trying to say is #loveislove. Be proud for being good a human. Our sexuality is something we are born with, and it's high time people understand that. It's not about being a gay, lesbian , male , female or transsexual and it never should be. It's about being able to be who you want to be and more. Being somebody who is just themselves is the most attractive thing, " Said Hemali.

As a photographer she loves to play with lights and it's reflection from the human body attracts her the most. She clicked bold images too with much focus is on concept

Hemali feels, when I zone into taking the shots, indulging in the frame, I never think about who is the person, how must his/her life be, their color, "standard beauty fits", sexuality. Photography gives me transcendental experiences where I just see and capture the existence in front of me. A little conscious in the beginning but how beautiful the soul is when it is set free eventually. I see them. I make them see themselves too, I'd like to think.

Hemali wants to take her photography to next level and make people understand the beauty of life. With her concepts she is keen to highlight the taboos and topics like abortion and plus size women. She said Let people be the magic that they are meant to be. With her camera she wants to bring some change in society and make it a better place to live freely.

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