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Baroda girl prized possession is a Kargil war scrapbook

Baroda girl prized possession is a Kargil war scrapbook

Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on 26 July every year in honour of the Kargil War Heroes. The war was fought for more than 60 days and ended on 26 July 1999 as India successfully took command of the high posts.

We still remember the patriotism and enthusiasm at that time when every youth of India was eager to join the armed forces to fight the war. The memories are still refresh in our minds even after 22 years and salute the bravery and sacrifice of our forces to capture the posts in one of the hard fought and toughest battle in the history.

Many teenagers who closely watch the battle collect the memories in form of pictures and stories. One such girl from Vadodara Beena Khemani who was in the school during the Kargil war make it a point to never miss a day and like every enthusiastic teen collected the pictures and details of the Kargil War published everyday in newspapers.

Every morning she woke up rushed to her neighbour house and eagerly search for the pictures of soldiers in action. She make it a point to collect the photos of martyrs and the action pictures published daily in the newspapers and made a scrap book which is her prize possession.

"Being a teenager and daughter of a defence personnel I was enthusiastic to join the forces in the war. But reality is different and hence I decide to keep a tab on the war daily and collect as much articles and pictures published in newspapers. I collect the stories of 27 martyrs and the ground action pictures. I collect the details as much as possible and made a scrap book which is my precious possession and close to my heart, " Said Beena.

Beena collected the inspiring stories of 27 martyrs and battle ground pictures like, soldiers burn trees to get the warmth in the chilly weather during the Kargil War, preparing food by turning the water bottle into a rolling pad for chapatis, Helicopter kept eye on the activities, Soldiers perform Puja, Bofors gun in action, Some light moments in between the intense war, story of Captain Hamir Singh Rathod under treatment at EME hospital in Vadodara. He was the first one to posted in the Kargil war. After seen the mutilated bodies of the soldiers he capture 5287 point of Batalik while serving with 22 grenadier, Messages send to the soldiers by school students, People returned back to their homes after the war ends and many others.

Beena kept the same newspaper cuttings in its original form with date as it gives her the same patriotic feeling and enthusiasm which she felt during the war. For the last 22 years she kept the scrapbook as her prized possession.

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