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Around 50 including State Congress President detained by police for organised a cycle rally in Vadodara

Around 50 including State Congress President detained by police for organised a cycle rally in Vadodara

Vadodara city Congress on Saturday organized a bicycle rally from Gandhinagar Gruh as part of a public awareness campaign against inflation. However police reached the spot and detained over 50 members including the state president before the rally begins. Heated arguments were also seen during this time as police began to detained the protestors.

Led by state Congress President Amit Chavda protesting against the unbearable prices of petrol-diesel, gas bottles, milk and oil, the cycle rally was proposed to begin from the Gandhinagar Gruh area in the city. However police reached the spot and detained around 50 of the protestors including the State President Amit Chavda. The camel cart joined the bicycle rally was the main attraction.

Petrol-diesel prices have skyrocketed All the necessities of life have skyrocketed. For some time now, the Congress has been agitating against inflation with various programs under the Jan Chetna Abhiyan. A cycle rally was organized on Saturday from Gandhinagar Gruh to the Collectorate under the leadership of State Congress President Amit Chavda. City Congress President Prashant Patel, Leader of Opposition Ami Rawat, Councilors Chandrakant Srivastava, Pushpa Vaghela, Jaha Desai, as well as a large number of Congress leaders and members including Chirag Zaveri and Amit Gotikar carried anti-inflation and anti-government posters and banners arrived to participate in the bicycle rally at the scheduled time.

They chanted slogans against the government and joined the cycle rally led by Amit Chavda. However police did not allow the bicycle rally to take place as the police had set up a tight security at the spot. About 50 activists, including state president Amit Chavda, city Congress president Prashant Patel and Chandrakant Shrivastav, were detained.

Heated arguments broke out between Congress workers and police as soon as the police started detaining them. Anti-government slogans were chanted by members and they also expressed their anger against the police action. Police said they were detained for violating the guideline of Covid-19 during a rally. Traffic around the Gandhinagar Gruh was also disrupted following arguments between police and Congress workers. The anti-inflation program of the Congress attracted attention of the citizens.

Pradesh Congress president Amit Chavda attacked the BJP government for supress their voice as they are holding programs for benefit of the people. Rising prices of petrol-diesel have made all the necessities of life expensive. To address the plight of the citizens, a cycle rally was organized and a presentation was to be made to the Prime Minister through the Collector. But police used force at the behest of the government to stop the program.

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