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Appointment of new managing committee of IIID Vadodara

Appointment of new managing committee of IIID Vadodara

Appointment of new managing committee of IIID Vadodara

IIID Vadodara announce the new managing committee under the Chairmanship of Ar. Birju Dikshit for the years 2021-2023. IIID Vadodara has set goals like propose authorities for the documentation of heritage, historic & important buildings (along with its furniture) of our city, Association with Architectural & Design institutes for employable & professional skills enhancement of their students and Skill development activities for traditional craftsmen & artisans to achieve.

Institute of Indian Interior Designers (India) popularly called as IIID was founded in 1972 to establish good professional and trade practices and ethics amongst its members and to highlight and enhance the image of the Interior Design Profession and exchange know‐how with similar organizations within the country and abroad. Vadodara chapter of IIID was founded in 1997 by leading architects of the city and in last 24 years, IIID has been instrumental in positively changing the land and cityscape of Sanskari Nagari Vadodara.

The committee members are, Ar. Birju Dikshit – Chairman, Ar. Mayur Shah – Immediate Past Chairman, ID. Jiten Tosar – Chairman Elect, ID. Uday Amin – Secretary, Darshan Patel – Treasurer, Brijesh Shah – Vice Chairman (Trade), Ar. Manoj Patel – Management Committee, Ar. Jayshil Patel – Management Committee, Ar. Urvi Shah – Management Committee, Ar, Jyoti Gill – Management Committee, Dhanil Shah – Management Committee, Pranay Parikh – Management Committee and Tanuja Kanvinde – President Elect, IIID (India).

"Covid – 19 situations has changed the way we live and do our businesses. Worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus halted many ongoing businesses with stopping of imports. But, this grim situation has forced us to innovate and find the alternative to imports of required goods and materials. Our aim is to empower our students, craftsmen, artisans with the guidance of designers and IIID members to make India a self sustained country" said Ar. Birju Dikshit, Chairman, IIID Vadodara.

He further added that "In past, IIID Vadodara has been proactive in giving design proposals to the municipal corporation and has supervised the work to deliver best to the city". "We will take up an active role to document our rich architectural & cultural heritage."

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